Bürstag Portersmith
Race Dwarf
Class Cleric
Level 2

Bürstag Portersmith is a burly bronze-skinned dwarf with a penchant for hard drink and crackling flames. Standing at just a touch over four feet he often has to look up to see people in the eye, but it doesn't stop him from figuratively looking down on people. Bürstag's jovial face is mostly covered by a mop of brown hair at the top of his head, and a great bushy beard exploding from his cheeks and chin. Strikingly Bürstag's beard is not plaited or braided in the way of many dwarves you may have come across, rather it hangs organically from his face frequently a home for crumbs of past meals. Indeed hygiene and manners do not seem to be high on Bürstag's list of priorities which appear to be (in order of importance) Alcohol, Fire, and Women. With a torch in his left hand, his holy hip flask in his pocket and Ol Glory, an ornate iron brewmaster's paddle in his right Bürstag is ready to drink, burn and fornicate his way to wealth, power and fame, or at least the next tankard of ale, open flame and loose woman.