5 Common Dragon Prophesies

  • Morgoran’s Return

Riding on deaths dark wings, the Mortal Lord shall walk the land again, steps ahead of a great terminus, to deliver the world at last.

  • Dragonwrath

Only by the shining blade shall the Lord of Dragons be known, restored and whole, delivered by the lesser, to free him at last so that its creators may bow down before him and turn upon their new masters.

  • Age of Worms

A dark time looms near, one in which the long writhing monsters of days past will be turned from their own paths by a new master, dark and sinister; all shall suffer the wrath.

  • The Burning Kingdom

For a new stronger nation of men to be born from the ashes, the old ways must burn; king, castle and stone.

  • The Blind One

Upon the last days, the path that must be walked can only be shown by him who sees what he should not by those that don’t see him.

  • The Horned Legion

A legion of horned ones will pour forth from the unknown, tearing and destroying, only to be stopped upon the shining blade of a knight