The forces of heaven and hell have been at constant war for eons. Their ever see-sawing battle has stretched from the Gates of the High Heavens, to the darkest depths of the hells. It was during a respite in the fighting that a group of angels sought to bring an end to the conflict. They resolved to create a separate world, one that would be populated by mortal souls. Imbued with magic and wonder, the mortals would be the key to ending the Eternal Conflict, for if such valuable fare could be convinced fully to join one side or the other, then they would be the victor. The foul demons saw the whole of creation, knew it for what it was, and set out to claim the world as their own. Thus the Eternal Conflict came to the world of Myron, and all manner of demon and angel walked with the mortal races.

The numbers of hell grew so powerful that there eventually came three “brothers”, powerful demons, who set themselves above the others. They commanded legions of hellish minions against angels and mortals alike, unleashing equally intricate and foul schemes to steal the most amount of souls. The High Heavens, not to be outdone, chose a champion from the mortals, one gifted with eternal life and such command of the powers of the world so as to combat the growing forces of evil in the mortal realm. His name was the Mortal-lord Morgoran, Lord of Dragons, and wielder of Dragonwrath, the most powerful sword ever created, and he was the lights greatest champion.

The battles between Morgoran and the Three were epic affairs, the stuff of legend. It came to pass that Morgoran, in his need to enlist powerful aid from the mortal world, shared his essence with 7 others, thus sharing with them his immortality. They became known as the Warlords of Light for their parts in battling the forces of evil spread across the world. So great was their success that they eventually banished all demons and devils back to dark pits from whence they came, but in turn forced all the aid of heaven to return as well. It was known as the Great Purge, and mortal kind’s greatest victory.

So it was that the great kingdoms of men rose at the tutelage of the Warlords and peace was known for the first time upon Myron. But it was not to last. The Three, being ever resilient sent their agents out, each with the goal of capturing one of the Warlords. Each was in turn brought before the Three in their terrible manse deep in the hells, and Morgoran descended to rescue them all. Morgoran was held in thrall by the Three’s power, and forced to watch as each of the 7 Warlords was put to death in torturous ways before him, shattering his essence with each death blow. Knowing themselves to be on the verge of destroying their most hate foe, the Three shattered the blade Dragonwrath, Morgoran’s last bastion of power, and scattered the remnants across Myron. But as they did, Morgoran just smiled, knowing they had just destroyed the only key for their return to Myron, and used the last of his considerable power to escape and return to the world. With Myron safe from the Three, Morgoran disappeared and has not been seen for a thousand years.


In this world, there are no gods, but entities of extreme power on either side of light and dark. Many champion single causes, or even groups of causes according to their personal convictions. For the campaign, cleric choices of deity should follow the prescribed table of deities for choosing domains, as these will represent your chosen cause, but excluding the names presented. There will not be a single entity granting cleric powers, so names will not be needed, but instead, the cleric’s power should be fueled by their faith in their chosen cause. There will not be any change in the mechanics of the cleric class, simply this change of flavor.

Heaven and Hell

The High Heavens and Dark Hells are grand places for sure, the domains of some of the most powerful beings in creation. All manner of creature make the outer realms their home beyond. The terms “demon” and “angel” are more generic terms than the explicit reference to the normally prescribed visions of such creatures, but instead refer to the nature of the immortal creature and its relative locations. For instance, an elemental may be called angel or demon depending on its actions, be they evil or good, and if they make their home in the heavens or in hell. In this there is no way for a mortal to grasp the infinite variety of creatures that reside in these outer realms, and indeed most common people would not know the difference, so far removed from the age when these grand creatures walked the earth of Myron. But make no mistake, there are creatures of immense power within each realm, some concerned with the affairs of the mortal realm others solely concerned with waging the Eternal Conflict, yet none are to be trifled with by mere mortals.