The Town of Diamond Lake

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Your characters have found themselves in this small mining community several days outside of the Free City because you have been granted a part in a mining claim. Wanted or not, you have come to resolve the issue of ownership. The following is a short list of places to visit and the people tied to them.

Zalamandra’s Emporium – a entertainment parlor with the sole purpose of relieving the miners of their hard earned wages.

  • Zalamandra (female human) – the Emporiums proprietress and Queen of the Veiled Corridor

Lazare’s House – a relatively cultured nightspot and gaming parlor

  • Lazare (male human) – Proprietor and dragonchess master
  • Khellek (male human) – a mysterious visitor from the Free City

The Feral Dog – a less than savory ale hall and dog fighting pit

  • Kullen (male half-orc) – seething gang leader
  • Tirra (female half-elf) – a talented knife thrower

Church of the Saint – the only sanctioned place of worship in Diamond Lake

  • Jierian Wierus (male human) – the evangelical leader of the church
  • Hameneezer (male human) – a hard working acolyte

The Surrounding Area

To the north lie the Cairn Hills, made famous decades ago when fabulous wealth was pulled out ancient and forgotten tombs. These rolling hills gave up their treasures to countless intrepid adventures for several years, but eventually the last of the great wealth was taken, and the surrounding communities, who grew with the boom, fell onto hard times. And though the abandoned cairns still host no few groups of bandits and savage humanoids, there are still those that venture into the hills in search of their own fortune.

To the south of the once pristine Diamond Lake, stretches the Mistmarch, a stinking bog said to be infested with lizardfolk and all manner of foul beast. The City maintains several garrisons housed in keeps along the swamps border to keep the locals from harassing the shipments of valuable ore from Diamond Lake.

Upon a hill overlooking the town perches the Twilight Monastery, home to a secluded group of monks. Priests dedicated to preserving the dead make their home in a forbidding tower upon the lakeshore nearly full across the lake from Diamond Lake. There are several smaller settlements in the immediate area: a small settlement of Halflings have made their home among the Cairn hills in a village called Elmshire, a small dwarven hold nestled in the foothills of the mountains far to the south, and a rumored warren of gnomes, though they remain unconfirmed.