This ancient tomb is so named for the sibilant whispers that float from the dark recesses where the sunlight fades. Many a Diamond Lake youth has been challenged with the nightmarish task of spending the night in the first room of the Cairn, few are those who last through the first hour before running back to town with a wet patch in the front of their britches. Adults of the town try to keep their children away from the place with a tale of young girl who went missing about fifteen years ago after she was dared to spend the night there.

The Whispering Cairn, however, holds some interest to the man known as Allustan Neff. He has sent five brave souls into the crypt for the express purpose of exploring its depths and perhaps recovering some knowledge of who, or what lies interred within its depths.

Thus far the cairn has been filled with bas-relief images and statues of androgynous figures. The heroes continue to explore the depths of the crypt beset by starved wolves, ghoulish water elementals, and deadly traps. They've managed to survive thus far.